Auto Transport: Saving Costs Via Shipping

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Thousands of automobiles are transported each day. A new job, a long-distance move across country, or a sale that requires transport to another location are all common situations that may require a vehicle to be transported. One of the main concerns of the vehicle owner is how the automobile will be delivered. There are two options that are commonly used in auto transport and these are shipping the automobile or the owner driving the vehicle to the new location. Remember, peace of mind is as essential and important during transition periods in our lives as saving money on transporting your vehicle. Shipping your vehicle can provide peace of mind and financial savings.

Driving a Vehicle:

Driving your own vehicle to a long-distance location is a widely used means of auto transport. The process involves personally transporting the vehicle from its point of origin to the new location. In order to do this, the driver must spend hours or sometimes days driving the vehicle to the new location. The costs involved in this process can be extensive. Take, for instance, a Buick LeSabre, which holds 18 gallons of gas. If a driver must drive 780 miles to the new location over three days, there are several costs involved. Gas costs would equal approximately $150.00. Add to that the cost of hotel enroute to destination at approximately $240.00. Additionally, the cost of food (includes beverages and snacks while driving) would add up to $150.00. Included in this is the cost of insurance and other incidentals of $100.00. Depreciation of the vehicle as a result of mileage would amount to approximately $200.00. This results in the estimated cost in excess of $850.00 or more than $1 per mile.

Add to this the other issues involved in transporting a vehicle by driving (including deprication of the vehicle for the miles driven to the destination, poor weather (which may slow travel time and add to hotel and food costs), stress, accidents, delays (due to road construction or other traffic issues), and it quickly becomes apparent that driving a vehicle to a new location is an expensive endeavor. In the area of auto transport, the idea of personally driving your vehicle to your destination may seem appealing at first because of the idea of controlling departure time, limiting delays in delivery since one person is in control of the delivery of the vehicle, and the personal nature of carefully transporting the vehicle yourself. This is all true, but when combined with the possible risks involved (including accidents, delays due to human error and stress of traveling long distances), shipping the vehicle may prove to be more cost efficient and less stressful as a means of transporting your vehicle.

Shipping A Vehicle:

Shipping a vehicle is a fast growing industry and is a good means of auto transport because there are many forms of transport that range from terminal to terminal delivery or door-to-door delivery of your vehicle. Companies that provide these services are well versed on how to carefully and safely transport vehicles in a quick, efficient, economic manner. These companies are also customer-centered and offer many advantages for choosing shipping as a means of auto transport, including shorter transport times than in the past and convenient delivery services. Shipping is available for a wide range of vehicles, including RVs, motorcycles, automobiles, and trucks. Shipping of smaller vehicles is typically less expensive and the cost increases with the size of the vehicle. Shipping services are offered by a large number of companies that provide services in short distance transport, overseas shipping and coast to coast shipping.

Dollar for dollar, shipping as a means of auto transport is much less expensive than driving a vehicle because shipping companies transport large numbers of vehicles, thereby reducing the cost of vehicle transport by combining costs. Take, for instance, shipping a Buick LeSabre for 780 miles. The cost for transporting the Buick LeSabre is substantially less than driving the vehicle to its destination, depending on the season (prices may increase during peak seasons such as summer or decrease during winter months). This is due to the large number of vehicles that can be transported in this way, as opposed to the individualized nature of driving a vehicle as a means of auto transport. Some companies give added benefits of shipping that may include a discount for multiple vehicles that are shipped at the same time, as well as a consistent and reliable delivery schedule that is safe and saves on depreciation because the car is not accruing mileage en transit.

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