Buying a car on eBay, What you need to know about shipping the vehicle

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Congratulations, you have just purchased your dream car on EBay at the ultimate price and it is in mint condition. Now you have a problem though. How exactly did you plan on getting your dream car from the seller’s driveway into your driveway? As with any online purchase requiring shipment, there is an extra fee for transporting the vehicle. In almost all cases, the seller is not going to pay the shipping fee. This fee will be all the responsibility of the purchaser. One of the most expedient ways to get your newly purchased automobile parked in your driveway is to hire an automobile transport company. There are several transport companies operating around the United States and any purchaser should take care and do their homework before they entrust their new purchase to a transport carrier.

The first item that should be on a vehicle purchase checklist is the seller’s ability to prepare the vehicle for the automobile transport company. All transport carriers have specific requirements that must be met prior to contracting to transport an automobile. One of the requirements of most automobile transport companies is an operational vehicle. If the car of your dreams is a fixer upper vintage automobile, the transport company will need to know this detail ahead of time. They will still usually transport the vehicle for you; however, there may be extra costs involved. There are also ground clearance restrictions for most auto transport companies, along with safety issues such as the battery mounting bracket and fuel level in the vehicle prior to transport.

Most vehicle transport companies will offer the option of an open trailer or an enclosed trailer for transporting the vehicle you have purchased. An important point to remember is any open trailer will expose the vehicle to weather conditions, such as snow, rain and ice, which may be encountered during transport. For a newer manufactured vehicle, this Porsche on Car Transporterwill not be an issue. For vintage automobiles that have a convertible top or need extensive restoration, an open trailer may not be the best option. Most vehicle transporters will secure the vehicle to an open trailer with chains and the suspension will be compressed to prevent the vehicle from moving up and down while on the road. If the vehicle is not manufactured with the correct tie down points to allow the vehicle to be chained to the trailer, wheel straps will usually be used in lieu of chains. Enclosed trailers allow the vehicle to be secured with soft tie down instead of chains and offer additional protection from weather and debris from other vehicles on the road.

Although transporting a vehicle that is purchased online can add significantly to the cost of the vehicle, there are several steps the buyer can take to possibly reduce the transport fees. Most purchasers would prefer the vehicle they have purchased to be delivered directly to their driveway, opting to pick up the automobile at a central transportation terminal can reduce the fees charged by the transport company. You will want to make sure the quote you get from the carrier or broker includes all the charges that will be incurred with transporting the vehicle. Anyauto transport broker or carrier should be able to provide you with a detailed quote outlining all the fees involved with picking up your vehicle from the seller and delivering the vehicle either to your driveway or to their own central terminal.

There are many details to examine when choosing to purchase a vehicle online from an auction site, like EBay, or a private seller. If you are making the purchase from a dealer who regular interacts with automobile transporters, they will be aware of the necessary steps that need to be taken prior to securing the vehicle. They will also know how to prepare the vehicle so it has the best chance to arrive at your location in good condition. If you are making the purchase from a private seller, there is a bit more interaction that needs to take place prior to the purchase. If you are looking at purchasing a vehicle at an online auction, find out if the seller is willing to take all the steps necessary to prepare the vehicle prior to transport. If they are not, you may want to reconsider your purchase. Homework, done efficiently beforehand, will insure your experience after you make the purchase of your dream car a pleasure. If you have any questions, you can contact any automobile transport carrier directly. They should be happy to answer your questions and provide you with their specifications required prior to contracting a transport.

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